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A selection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and related responses is available below for your reference.
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Do you have offices outside Mumbai?

No. We work globally from our offices in Mumbai.

Will Kinita be involved in my diet plan?

Depending on which plan you select, Kinita involvement will differ, However Kinita supervises all meal no matter what program you sign up for.

What is the difference in the packages with Kinita v/s with her nutritionist?

The packages work in the same manner; just that instead of interacting with Kinita, you will work directly with your designated nutritionist. Kinita has a small and well-trained team, and she oversees every single meal plan that is prepared by them.

How will the consultation process work? Especially if we do not live in Mumbai or cannot travel to the office?

Our consultation is designed to benefit all clients, no matter where they live. Besides in-person meetings, clients can interact with us via the Phone / WhatsApp calls / FaceTime, and email.

Is there any couple / family discount?

There are no discounts for any of the programs.

Can I pay in installments?

Sorry, no installments are permitted. Full Package amount must be paid in advance.

Can I start with a short-term package and then extend it to a longer one?

No extensions are possible once you have made the payment. However, re-signups are possible.

Will I be able to exercise while I am package?

Yes. Most definitely, infact we recommend it.

How soon will I see results?

Results’ is a relative term. It might not be a measurable effect (read weighing scale) but you will start feeling better, more energetic and shrunk within a week or two of following the diet and exercising. Weight loss or rather fat loss, as Kinita insists, is a by-product. So, first thing you do: throw that weighing scale out. What we track are your efforts, results just follow.

I travel a lot. How would that be accommodated?

Most of our clients have travel as an essential part of their jobs. The diet plan will be designed keeping in tune with the lifestyle and job requirements you might have.

If I am not satisfied or do not show results, will I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds are possible. However, we would be extremely concerned as to why you have not shown results and we would work hard to ensure that together we do progress.

I am not able to keep up / follow the diet plan due to any reason; can I transfer my package to someone else?

We’re sorry, no transfers are allowed. However, we would very much like to understand what difficulties you are facing and try to work out a solution to enable you to follow the plan and achieve results.

Due to any reason my package is about to expire but my number of diets are still balance, can I get an extension?

Extensions are not permitted as our packages are well designed keeping sufficient padding between number of weeks and diets. However, in extreme and rare case one-time exceptions may be offered. This decision to extend is at the sole discretion of Kinita.