People Speak

Ashok Kurien

Founder-Promoter/Director, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., Playwin / Lotteries(PILP), Dish TV India Ltd.
Founder-Promoter, Ambience Advertising Pvt. Ltd., Hanmer & Partners Public Relations
Prmoter, Livinguard Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Kinita had once said, “It's like you are permanently carrying a 15kg carry-on.” And that’s just stuck in my head. That stuck in my brain. She is gentle yet firm and patiently keeps trying till she finds the right fix for you. And then, it’s magic! Now, I can knock off 3 or 4kgs easily and maintain it. She taught me to live sensibly; even with 10/12 drinks a week. Kinita, you're a Star Angel!

Priya Tanna

Editor, Vogue India

Her approach to nutrition and healthy eating busts the myth that food that's good for you is boring or hard to follow. Her approach offers practical solutions, which is why it's effective. Oh, and don't be fooled by that pretty face she s quite the taskmaster!

Yasmin Karachiwala

Pilates Master Trainer & Fitness Expert

In this world of many illogical diet trends, Kinita is a refreshing change. Being a Sports Nutritionist, she understands the importance of muscle gain for fat loss, which most dietitians today don’t. Unlike others, she encourages her clients to exercise or play sports. Also, explains the importance of resistance training to achieve a fit, toned body over a thin, slim one. And that’s why I love her!

Deanne Panday

Fitness Author & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Kinita is a full of life, bubbly, helpful, knowledgeable and up-to-mark with her work always. The best in the business I have come across in sports nutrition.

Jimmy Shergill

Bollywood Actor

I feel Kinita's diet affects your body, not only from the outside but, also from within because her diet is all about nutrition.

Tusshar Kapoor

Bollywood Actor

Working with Kinita has not just changed my body type but, has brought with it clarity, flexibility, practicality & the joy of eating well, as far as nutrition is concerned! I know how much and what to eat, at what time and how to adapt to changing situations and travel plans! Also, especially since my work entails facing the camera, a planned appropriate diet for a lean look at all times is a must. This was possible only after I started consulting Kinita! Movie making is more interesting and fulfilling, as I can now look my best without starving and depending on impractical diets popular in the market! Kudos to Kinita and more power too!

Ronak Pandit

Gold Medalist And Record Holder of 2006 Commonwealth Games
Asian Champion And Asian Record Holder
Current Coach To Olympians (London 2012 And Rio 2016 Olympics)
And World Record Holder In Shooting Sport

I remember when I met Kinita, I was 78kgs and in less than 3 months, I was down to 66kgs. The best part about this journey of weight loss was that I was not dieting; I was only eating the right things at the right time and working out as per a plan made in consultation with the fitness trainer and Kinita. I was able to train better and focus better because I never felt lazy or lethargic. The fat to muscle ratio in my body improved significantly and I’ve never been this fit. The best part about Kinita is her patience and belief in her clients. She always listened to me and gave me foods to eat as per my likings and schedule. She also explained why I needed to include certain foods and reduce the intake of some, so thereby increasing my intrinsic motivation and desire to do what is right and resist temptation. Hence it was easy to implement and execute her plans. She maintained records systematically so we had all the data to see what all I ate, what was my workout and intensity like, what results it got me in terms of performance in my sport - so we were moving in a direction as opposed to just losing weight without checking if it was helping in sports performance or not. She is a thorough professional and a master at her work.

Major DP Singh

Indian Blade Runner
Limca Record Holder
Founder The Challenging ones [group of amputees]
Work with Veterans & Soldiers

I remember meeting you during the India Runners Meet, 2013 after I got my new limb and was excited to explore marathon running. Your guidance and support did a great deal for me! You understood my diet, never asked for major lifestyle changes and explained nutrition to me. I convey my sincerest gratitude to you. Stay fantastic and here’s to making a positive change in many people’s lives!

Gagan Banga

Vice Chairman & MD, Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd

Kinita understands the needs of amateur yet serious runners in a very unique manner. I have used nutritionists before but most focused on weight loss, which would result in energy loss through the day. Within months of setting my objectives of weight loss, control of cramps, energy requirements through the working day and through long runs, I managed to achieve what I had desired without it ever seeming very difficult. Her ever-changing diet is an apt formula for nutrition, which is practical and sustainable over an extended period till it comfortably becomes a lifestyle. Thanks to her I achieved my full (personal best 3:47) & half marathon (personal best 1:38) milestones over the last 2 years and even more importantly have higher energy than most colleagues at work at 7pm.

Dr. Aashish Contractor

Head Of Department, Rehabilitation And Sports Medicine
Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai

I have known Kinita for 15 years now, and what stands out is her dedication to her profession. In the constantly evolving scientific world of sports nutrition, she has kept abreast of cutting edge knowledge in the field. This coupled with the ability of understanding the individual needs of her clients, makes her excellent at her work.

Dr. Hemakshi Basu

Sports Physiotherapist

I’ve known Kinita for over a decade now. Her in-depth knowledge on nutrition makes it so simple to understand and her different food options make it really easy to follow...Without cheating! I have seen great results with smiles running from one end of the ear to the other. I have heard her talk about her subject with so much passion that it changed my perspective about food, for the better. It helped me improve and help my patients’ muscle strength much better post surgery and injury. Wishing her good luck and more success always!

Parizad Kolah Marshall

Model & Television Host

6 months post my second pregnancy I felt the need to get my energy level up, get into shape and follow a suitable diet. Taking care of both my kids Deanne, 4 at that time and Mikhail, 6 months was exhausting. I went to Kinita (highly recommended by my sister-in-law), and she understood how much I loved my food at the same time my work and taking care of my kids required me to stay fit and healthy. She recommended food options and an exercise routine that I could follow, the process was slow and steady, within few months I noticed a big change and before I knew it I was 10 to 12 kilos lighter.

Dolly R. Sidhwani

Fashion Designer & Stylist

I'm addicted to Kinita. She lets me eat all my favourite food. I never feel like I'm on a diet. The best part is that I'm never hungry or starving. Her mantra is 'Eat Till You Are Full’, which works very well for me as I hate limiting quantity. She's the best nutritionist we have:)

Bhavana C. Pandey

Lifestyle & Luxury Events Specialist

Through your nutrition plans, great results are always guaranteed! I never look pale, I'm never left feeling hungry, my skin glows and I just end up feeling super. You're my favourite nutritionist!

Mrs Renu Kochhar

Managing Director, Viraj Profiles Ltd
Chairperson, Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School

I have known Kinita for almost 7 years now and I have always held her in high esteem purely because of her passion and determination towards achieving excellence in her professional as well as personal life and this quality of hers is really infectious. She has been a great support while designing the meal plan for our Viraj Shri Ram School students. It was a pleasure working with her on this project and she took utmost care in designing the right dietary plan for the kids who require a balanced nutrition during their growing age. Her way of cooperation and driving things is outstanding. Kinita knows the body dietary requirements like the back of her hand and with her vast experience, and expertise in this field, she always brings a unique perspective to the table. I wish her the best in life in all her endeavors. Thanks, Kinita for all your help and support.

Renu R Chopra

Kinita's plan is a way of life, and her energy and passion behind it makes you want to listen. The amount of food was unbelievable. I loved the feeling of being full and satisfied from nutritious healthy food yet seeing the weight drop on the scale.

Isha Mehra


Kinita’s dedication and knowledge is inspiring. She motivated me and was not just my nutritionist but, my friend and confidante. She always made me feel so comfortable and yet aware of my need to eat sensibly and change my thinking about the right food and combination...and of course, exercise! Kinita is a lovely positive person and empowered me to change my life towards positive healthy living.

Pallavi Jaikishan


I honestly wish Kinita had come into my life earlier and provided me with her magical solution!  A very special diet that created for me. And mind you, all throughout I never felt I was on a diet, as she would give me plenty to eat! With her it was like a ‘lose’ and ‘gain’ situation! I ‘lost’ the weight and gained my ‘confidence’ for which I am eternally grateful to her! I still follow her diet principles and have managed to maintain my weight loss!

Sabrina Jani

Working with Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

A pure combination of a lovely, nice and beautiful person who gives a lot to eat to lose weight and the best part about this is one actually succeeds by doing so. The happiness goes unnoticed. Thank you so much for all the effort.